Wednesday, June 30, 2010

greenhouse effect

Actually beneficial greenhouse effect

is important to keep the temperature at the surface of the earth, if the process is running normally and not excessive, given the temperature is very cold in outer space. Solar radiation is emitted into the earth, when it comes to the earth's atmosphere some of the reflected radiation through the infrared rays and partly passed on to the surface of the earth. The heat is reflected by the earth's surface and partly absorbed by greenhouse gases. Heat absorption by greenhouse gases is causing our planet to warm.

But what happens now with the increasing greenhouse

gases make the earth absorbs more heat and that what we call global warming. Global warming is a major impact on world climate change. Climate concerning all events that occur in the atmosphere which include solar radiation, air temperature, air pressure, wind, rain and clouds, humidity and evaporation. Overall it is also called the elements of weather.

Thus the condition of our planet if global warming occurs.

Everything becomes unstable. Well, the important steps that must be taken to prevent global warming (at least) there are two, namely reducing greenhouse gas sources and absorb / recycle abundant greenhouse gas in the air.