Wednesday, June 30, 2010

forest slopes

A beautiful afternoon the hills, cool, cool, creeping create an atmosphere full of happiness increases. As usual, we explore winding streets climb the hill toward the middle after forest slopes farming village where we were. It has been more than five years we lived there, a wealthy village settlements in their right mind fertile, prosperous, Gemah Ripah lohjinawi with about 500 people residents, farmers, cultivators, traders and musicians like family.

Since the settlement was inhabited, tenderness tenderness awoke as the leaves of trees along the lush green hills, violence rooted soul as strong as large rocks that follow the clear stream before it empties into the hills surrounding the waterfall, which we call sane Waterfalls wealthy, with the same name the township which was lovely.

Five years we've been through with a productive, producing food crops, mengirmnya to the market district, supporting all types of food needs of five villages in districts with hard work the farmers here, all done with great joy because we are artistic, have the ability to entertain and put talents the murky atmosphere of spiritual way.