Wednesday, June 30, 2010

change climate

Climate change
becomes quite alarming phenomenon for the survival of living things on Earth. Global climate change caused by rising global temperatures, causing various adverse effects for the creatures of Earth, including humans. Indonesia due to geographical position, located at the equator, between the two continents and two oceans, an archipelago with 81,000 km of coastline with two-thirds of the oceans, also felt the impact of the severe symptoms of climate change. The emergence of extreme weather conditions are quite opposite, in one area of drought, but in other areas experienced flash flooding. Not to mention the tornado disaster, a violent sea storm and the emergence of various crop pests are not controlled.

Climate change

could also melt ice at the poles (thus causing sea levels rise), a change in wind direction and speed, increasing the storm's atmosphere, like a tornado, tidal wave, increasing the intensity of lightning, changes in air pressure patterns, changes in rainfall patterns ( floods and landslides and drought), and the hydro logic cycle, and ecosystem change, until the increase of disease-causing organisms, environmental conditions are unstable. Not only that, global warming is also causing ecological changes in living things. Warm-blooded animals will move into the colder regions (polar or mountain peak), the plant will change the way it grows up, because the length of habitat becomes too warm, even hot.

By: Anton Kuswoyo