Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Beautiful Sunset

Beautiful Sunset

Hues of red and orange sky at sunrise, reveals the beauty of silence in the Bromo
As the sun rise and set, then the sky will be partly colored red, sky blue, and light the sky is] interspersed. (at least some). This phenomenon can be explained on the basis of light by molecules is] interspersed. atmosphere. is] interspersed. atmosphere light of the earth depends on the wavelength. For particles much smaller than the wavelength of light (such as air molecules), particle-particles is not a great resistance to long wavelengths than for short. is] interspersed. less, light red and orange is interspersed. less than the blue and purple, which is the cause of the blue sky.
At sunset, on the other hand, the long beam of sunlight through the atmosphere the maximum. Many of the blue color that has been issued by scattering. Light that reaches the surface of the earth means the lack of blue, which is the reason reddish sunset.