Monday, June 28, 2010

tropical forest

Forest is an area overgrown with thick by trees and other plants. Such areas have in the vast regions of the world and serves as a reservoir of carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide sinks), animal habitats, hydrological flow modulators, and soil conservationists, and is one aspect of Earth's biosphere is most important.
Forests are the life forms that spread across the world. We can find a good forest in the tropics and temperate regions, in the lowlands and in mountains, on small islands or in large continental
Forest is a collection of plants, especially trees or of other woody plants, which occupy large areas.
The tree itself is high enough with the plants live for years. So, of course differ with vegetables or grains that live only one season. Trees are also markedly different because the principal has a long vertical woody and form canopy (crown) is clear.
A collection of forest trees is considered only if they can create the climate and local environmental conditions are typical, which is different than in the outer regions. If we are in a tropical rain forest, it feels like walking into a sauna room is warm and humid, which is different than the surrounding farming areas. The scenery was different. This means that all other plants and animals (up to a nicety), as well as various other nonliving elements including those parts which are an integral compiler from the forest.