Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nutural Love

This morning I feel the warm of the sun light. But the view around me does not make me feel happy. Do you know why? It is because the land around me is empty and dry. The hills and forest that used to be very beautiful, now seem very bad. The trees were catted randomly by human. I am so sad, why those human like to cut those trees without any guilty feeling. Why don’t they love the nature that has became their source of life.

Don’t they know that cutting the trees unwisely will damage their own life in the future? Do you know why I say that ? Because cutting the trees carelessly may cause big problems, it will make flood every where and natural disaster may come unexpectedly. Forest is the important natural resource for human life and either the other God’s creatures such as animals. If it’s not manage wisely, the forest unable to support continuously for the next generation. Don’t they realize that ?

Tonight I am sitting on a tree branch watching around. I don’t like to see what I see around me. I am not be able to play on the hill anymore. I am imagining the beautiful situation few years ago. When I still could play with my friends. How happy I was at that time. But now, it cannot happen anymore, because the hill is now dry. The human who live nearby don’t take too much attention about the hill and the forest.

My fate is realy bad. My life and my friend’s life are threatening destroy. So are the life of tigers, lions, rabbits, wild deer, antelope, monkeys, and especially orang utan. We are all threatening destroy, and there will not be any of our generation that can live in the damaged forest. And also the fate of the trees, if they could talk, they will also screaming. But trees are created just to live without any capability to move themselves and to protest about what human has done unwisely to them.

Now, I know why human like to cut the forest trees carelessly. They want to be rich quickly by exporting the forestry products to others countries, and lazy to think the sustainability of the forest for the next generation to come. Money, money, and money, that is all what those human always want. With money they think they can live forever. They never want to listen the cry of the forestry animals that have lost their living habitat. For them, other people future don’t mean anything, as long as they can be happy now. They are really greedy.
What I can do now are just praying and ask for help from my God. The trees cannot do anything. My friends cannot do anything. I can’t do also, what can i do ? I am just a helpless squirrel, and I can be killed by human. I just wish that there were some human who care and pay attention to what happen to the forest and the habitat inside it. I wish there will some human who run tree replanting program. I wish that I would not wait too long to have the forest become thick, the hill become green, and population of my friends increase.

Hopefully human realize what they have done to the forest and its habitat. Realize not to take the forestry product carelessly. I just wish that the world become peaceful, where human, animals, and tress live side by side and love each other. What a beautiful and happy live it will be.
Hopefully it still can be realized.